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Owned 1000 villages first

on 20.08.2012 at 20:40

Owned 500 villages first

on 20.05.2012 at 21:10

Owned 250 villages first

on 16.04.2012 at 22:58

Owned 100 villages first

on 19.02.2012 at 00:14

Owned 2 villages first

on 01.12.2011 at 01:11

Score champion

Reached 10.000.000 points first
Hells Toy Master
on 26.08.2012 at 05:43

Reached 5.000.000 points first

on 23.05.2012 at 06:14

Reached 1.000.000 points first

on 02.03.2012 at 20:21

Reached 10.000 points first

on 08.12.2011 at 02:06

Field Master

Defeated 100.000.000 units first
on 11.09.2012 at 09:53

Defeated 25.000.000 units first

on 21.05.2012 at 03:36

Defeated 5.000.000 units first

on 03.03.2012 at 09:52

Defeated 10.000 units first
The Barbarian...
on 24.11.2011 at 18:23